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John Alden Capenter's
Krazy Kat
Director/Choreographer: Tracy Bersley

Music: John Alden Carpenter, Krazy Kat: A Jazz Pantomime (1921)
Musicians: Princeton University Concert Jazz Ensemble, Sinfonia, Orchestra
and Invited Guest Musicians
Dancers: Chloe Davis ‘12 (Walter Cephus Austridge), Sarah Fingerhood ‘11
(Krazy Kat), Arielle Sandor ‘12 (Officer Pupp), Molly Silberberg ’11 (Terry P.
Turtle), Ana Sollitto ‘11 (Ms. Kwak Kwak), Joel Zinn ’13 (lgnatz Mouse)
Choreographed in collaboration with the dancers

Music Note about Krazy Kat from Simon Morrison
John Alden Carpenter’s jazz pantomime Krazy Kat (1921) is based on George Herriman’s comic strip of the same name. The score, the first orchestral work to use the word “jazz” in its title, includes parodic allusions to Scott Joplin, Claude Debussy, and Richard Strauss, among other composers. The climatic ballroom scene of the original scenario bears the title “Katnip Blues.”

Director/Choreographer Note about Krazy Kat from Tracy Bersley
Welcome to the world of George Herriman’s Krazy Kat, a comic strip published weekly from 1913-1944. The premise: a curious “love” triangle involoving Krazy, Ignatz Mouse, and police dog Officer Pupp, where Krazy mistakes bricks thrown by the mouse as a sure sign of his affection, and Pupp strives to protect Krazy from Ignatz’s sinister plans. In the spirit of Herriman’s surrealism and playfulness, we created this piece through the lens of a NYC purgatory: the subway, where strangers meet and stranger things can happen.

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