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Paul Lansky's
Table's Clear
Director/Choreographer: Tina Fehlandt

Music: Paul Lansky, Table’s Clear (1991)
Dancers: Julie Rubinger ’09, Jennie Scholick ‘09, Elizabeth Schwall ‘09
Choreographed in collaboration with the dancers

Music Note on Table’s Clear from Paul Lansky
Table’s Clear is an electronic work in which the sound sources are those of my two sons, Caleb and Jonah, aged 8 and 13 at the time, in our kitchen banging on pots, pans and anything else they could get their hands on (including themselves). The sounds were then altered and arranged on the computer to create a fantasy that begins realistically, then becomes superhuman, and finally returns to reality. It is 18 minutes long and available on a Bridge CD entitled Homebrew.

Table’s Clear and Krazy Kat run together without a pause. Krazy Kat uses the last three minutes of the Table’s Clear music before the orchestra begins playing Carpenter’s music.

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