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Spring 2009 Dance Festival
Spring into Dance
Lewis Center for the Arts
Paul B. Muldoon
Associate Director:
Fanny Chouinard
Program in Theater & Dance
Michael Cadden
Acting Head of Dance
Rebecca Lazier
Thesis Advisor
Tim Vasen
Managing Director
Darryl Waskow
Production Stage Manager
Carmelita Becnel
Production Assistant
Rob Del Colle
Costume Shop Manager
Catherine Cann
Costume Shop Assistant
Danielle L. Schembre
Technical Director
Timothy Godin
Master Carpenter
William Wilson
Props Carpenter
Michael McLean
Scenic Artist
Sarah Donner
Theater Technician
Kelly Arlinhaus
Academic Support
Joseph Fonseca
Dance Faculty
Guest Choreographers
Ballet Instructors
Curriculum Accompanists
Vince di Mura
Matthew Ferry
Wesley Rast
Arthur Solari
David Tenney
Ballet Accompanists
Tim Brown
Doug Kramer
Production Staff for Spring into Dance
Berlind Theatre Master Electrician
Rob Crane
Berlind Theatre Stage Carpenter
Matthew Pilsner
Berlind Theatre Crew:
Allen Grimm
Anne Cutrone
Sound Engineer
Chris Schuler
Student Crew:
Peter Schram '09*
Jordan Kisner '09*
Chelsea Kolff '09*
Student Costume Shop Assistants:
Karen Campion '11
Shannon Lee Clair '09*

*Denotes a Junior or Senior Certificate Student in Theater & Dance.
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