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Paul Lansky

William Shubael Conant Professor of Music

I grew up in New York City, and went to the High School of Music and Art, and Queens College in the City University of New York; graduate study was at Princeton University, 1966-69; Ph.D., 1973. I joined the faculty in 1969. My early musical interest was in performance (French Horn, Dorian Quintet, 1965-66).

Computer music has been my main preoccupation since about 1973. For the most part my work has involved non-real time processing of 'real world' sounds. In this respect I like to regard the computer as an aural camera, and I often use visual metaphors to describe my work. A large number of my pieces involve speech of one sort or another, often informal.

I have also spent considerable time writing software for computer music, some of which is now widely used. Most of my compositions to date are available on CD, a complete list can be found on my homepage; software in the 'Princeton Sound Kitchen'. I periodically dabble in what I like to call 'protein music' (as opposed to 'silicon music') and continually marvel at the genius of live performers --working on the computer has made me much more appreciative. Recent works are for guitar, chorus, violin and marimba.

At Princeton I teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in all aspects of computer music. I also teach composition, and topics in 20th century theory and analysis.

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