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TIME CAPSULE: A Century of Dance Utah's Repertory Dance Theater

Modern Dance. No one has ever liked the term very much, and many historians disagree as to when it really began. Nevertheless, the term has stood for an incredible range of individual styles, techniques and philosophical beliefs that have influenced artists all over the world for 100 years. We use the term to refer to a variety of concert dance that is not rooted in ballet or other academic forms. Unlike theatrical forms of entertainment, modern dance began as a means of self-expression.

Time Capsule celebrates a great era of expression, exploration, enthusiasm and personal statement. We salute dance that continues to define and re-define itself, dance that could only have developed in America, a democracy, which encourages individual expression — self-expression.

The 20th Century was a time of great energy and exploration. Discoveries in science and technology altered our lives, and artists changed our perception. Many choreographers rejected older forms of dance and created a new language of movement, one which could better express the concerns of a new century.

Contemporary choreographers, like other artists, reached for inspiration from within, from their own lives and from the dance traditions they inherited. In modern dance we can see a lineage, a dance memory which goes back thousands of years.

It would be impossible to include all the important styles, philosophies and choreographers who contributed to our dance heritage in one program. We have selected works from our repertory to help tell a very complex history. The dances you will see were created by some of the most important individuals whose concepts have influenced dancers and audiences throughout the world.

Modern dance in all its great diversity gives us a movement feast, a blending of the esoteric, the energetic, the non-conventional, the sensuous, the mystical and the magical. Our dance is a mirror which reflects who we are and what we hope to become.

Time Capsule is a history which not only lives, but breathes, sweats and leaps.

Linda C. Smith
Artistic Director

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