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Princeton Student Colony
Founded in 2012 as part of the Princeton Atelier Community

The Princeton Student Colony is a group of students engaged in creating a temporary and evolving settlement at a public and well-trodden location on Princeton campus in the spring of 2012. We hope to create a space that is responsive to the needs and growth of the larger Princeton community as we develop a unique site for the presentation and investigation of fundamental activities often neglected by the academic disciplines, such as cooking, composting, dancing, eating, exercising, gathering, gardening, napping, performing, recycling, socializing, stretching, talking, walking, washing, etc. By working in partnership and support of student organizations, we hope to conceptualize, design and create a settlement over the course of one term that utilizes Princeton's resources to explore the role of individual and collective action in the creation of community. Through the diverse inclinations of the students and their initiative in developing their own projects, the space will be used for a range of experiments such as gardens, performances, meals, and education through guest visits from notable artists, architects and activists. We invite the larger local community to join us in the development of these projects over the course of the semester.

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The Princeton Atelier was endowed in 2009 through the generosity of a donor who has chosen to remain anonymous. The Atelier is additionally supported through The Newhouse Foundation, The Erik C. Blachford '89 Fund, The Schare-Pfaffenroth Endowment Fund, The Jordan Roth '97 Performance Fund and The Peter T. Joseph Foundation.


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