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Fall 2014 Course Offerings

ATL 498 / DAN 498 / VIS 498
Dance on Camera  / DIY 

Dance on camera has a different impact than dance on stage - how can we explore this form that arguably has a bigger audience than live performance? How can we make and distribute dance on camera using equipment that is readily available and low cost? This studio course supports students to create video projects featuring the body in motion; results may be art installations, dance videos or video art. Graphic artist/Princeton Fellow Danielle Aubert and choreographer/professor Susan Marshall will lead workshops in movement and in the use of sound and motion-editing software.

Instructors: Susan S. Marshall, Danielle Aubert

ATL 499 / THR 499
Pay Attention: The Art of Here and Now

In a world where technology shapes the way we think, it is hard to free ourselves from it. How are we changing to accommodate the open faucet of information? How has our ability to pay attention transformed? Marianne Weems, director of NYC-based Builders Association ensemble will work with students to investigate the area of 'presentism'. Working in a cross-disciplinary mode, students are invited to examine their experience of the 'here and now' through readings, discussion, games, and blogging.

Instructors: Marianne Weems

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