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Good for the Jews?:
A Symposium of Scholars and Artists on Jewish Identity in American Theatre and Performance

"Good for the Jews?" is developed in collaboration with students in a Fall 2010 undergraduate seminar taught by Professor Jill Dolan and Professor Stacy Wolf.  Seminar students will respond to papers and performances, and participate in guiding our public conversations throughout the day.

“Jewish Identity and Performance in the U.S.”

ENG 410 / AMS 393 / JDS 410 / THR 368, Fall 2010 
taught by Professor Jill Dolan and Professor Stacy Wolf

This course explores Jewish identity and performance in the 20th and 21st century United States.  We begin with an historical overview of Jews and Jewish identities in the U.S., including the very question, What does Jewishness mean?  Is it ethnicity, race, or religion?  Identity or culture?  Belief or practice?  We’ll also consider theories that understand Jewishness itself as a performance.  From there, we’ll focus on Jewish American theatre artists, from the Yiddish-language theatre of the early 20th century, through playwrights who defined a certain American middle-class life in the mid-20th century, to contemporary performers and playwrights who navigate the complexity of Jewish American identity in a range of genres and tones. 



Rachael M. Alexandroff '12
Bethy Atkins '11
Colette Biervliet-Schranz '11
Jessica Cabral '11
Nell E. Diamond '11
Joseph P. Dexter '13
Martha W. Ferguson '11
Nava Friedman '13
Francesca Furchtgott '12
Jennifer Lopata '12
Ariel Powell '12
Isabel Schwab '11
Molly Silberberg '11
Margaret White '11

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