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Memories and Futures
Performance Studies:
Douglas A. Jones, Jr.

Douglas A. Jones, Jr. is Cotsen Fellow in the Society of Fellows at Princeton University, where he teaches in the English Department. He is currently completing a book manuscript that explores how proslavery ideology conditioned the cultural imagination of the post-slavery north in the decades before the Civil War. This project reflects Jones’ broader research interests, namely, the cultural and literary history of the early national and antebellum United States, 19th and 20th century African American literature, the cultural history and historiography of slavery, publics, and theories of race and performance. In these areas, he has published a number of journal articles, reviews, and essays in edited collections. Jones has delivered a wide range of scholarly talks at national and regional conferences as well as given invited lectures at a number of universities. He holds a joint Ph.D. in Drama and Humanities from Stanford University.

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