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Senior Thesis Production
The Beat is Sweet: Memory of a Broken Dream
Special Thanks

The work of this production would not have been made possible without the helping hands of several special people. Endless thanks to Antonio Calvo, Alberto Bruzos-Moro, Arcadio Diaz-QuiÒones, Michael Barry, Mary Kemler, Nick Robinson, Cynthia Masterson, Kristin Frasier, Maryanne Wachter, Sophie Gandler, Lea Steinacker, Chelsea Grath, Michael McMillan, Fletcher Heisler, Diana Norton, Andrea Grody, Brandee Tate, John Fleming, David Moore, Dylan Alban, Lovell Holder, Roger Q. Mason, Natalia Naman, Andrew Hoover, and the tireless staff of the Lewis Center and Program in Theater & Dance.

Lewis Center for the Arts
Paul B. Muldoon
Associate Director
Fanny Chouinard
Program in Theater & Dance
Michael Cadden
Acting Head of Dance
Rebecca Lazier
Thesis Advisor
Tim Vasen
Faculty Advisor
Jill Dolan
Faculty Advisor
Robert N. Sandberg
Faculty Advisor
Stacy Wolf
Managing Director
Darryl Waskow
Production Stage Manager
Carmelita Becnel
Production Assistant
Rob Del Colle
Costume Shop Manager
Catherine Cann
Costume Shop Assistant
Danielle L. Schembre
Technical Director
Timothy Godin
Master Carpenter
William Wilson
Props Carpenter
Michael McLean
Scenic Artist
Sarah Donner
Theater Technician
Kelly Arlinhaus
Academic Support
Joseph Fonseca
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