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Senior Thesis Production
The Beat is Sweet: Memory of a Broken Dream

Lauren Whitehead '09*
Set & Lighting Design
Jeremy C. Doucette
Costume Design
Catherine Cann
Sound Design
Beverly Nwanna '09
Dramaturg/Run Crew
Cristina Luzarraga '11
Viewpointing Director
Caitlin Ludwigsen '09
Stage Manager
I. Daniel Posen '09
Asst. Stage Manager
Courtney Elyse Jones '09*
Student Production Manager
Francesca Butler '09*
Student Technicians:
Margaret Cady '11
Laura Huchel '10
Megan Thompson '09
Costume Shop Assistants:
Karen Campion '11
Shannon Lee Clair '09*
Ariel Sorensen '12
Stephanie Chen '09*
Marina Olevsky '09
Sydney Schiff '10*
Music Director
Jordan Kisner '09*
Music Transcription
Michael McMillan '09
Rehearsal Pianist
Maryanne Watcher

*Denotes a Junior or Senior Certificate Student in Theater & Dance.
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