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On the evening of her wedding day, Eurydice tragically trips down a flight of stairs to her death.  She finds herself in a land of the dead where the rules she is accustomed to no longer apply--where people communicate with the outside via letters sent through the dirt.  There, with her memory wiped clean, she meets a chorus of stones; an adolescent, hormone-ridden, Lord of the Underworld intent on nothing other than to make her his bride; and her father, who has somehow found a way to remember his past, and his daughter, in this land of nothingness.

Written in reminiscence of her own father, Ms. Ruhl places the power of this story in the hands of Eurydice herself.  For the playwright, the death of her father “was a crucible through which a lot of my impressions were formed. When you have a loss like that, I think you keep re-experiencing it until you finally just don't."  Eurydice, who serves as allegory to Ruhl’s own experiences, must ultimately decide whether to remain with her father in the land of the dead or to return to her husband who desperately seeks her.

At times hilarious, at others melancholy and deeply sad, Eurydice is a powerful, evocative, contemporary retelling of the Orpheus myth, riddled with Ruhl’s quirky dialogue and striking imagery.  Eurydice serves as testimony to the power and tenderness of memory, and the intense pain it can cause when we are confronted with the choice to lose what we hold dearest. 

The play was originally produced by Madison Repertory Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin, August 29, 2003. Richard Corley, Artistic Director, Tony Forman, Managing Director. And subsequently produced by Berkeley Repertory Theatre in 2004. Tony Taccone, Artistic Director, Susan Medak, Managing Director. And Yale Repertory Theatre, James Bundy, Artistic Director, Victoria Nolan, Managing Director.

Produced by Second Stage Theatre, New York, 2007 Carole Rothman: Artistic Director

EURYDICE is produced by special arrangement with Bruce Ostler, BRET ADAMS, LTD., 448 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036.

Written by
Sarah Ruhl

Directed by
Douglas Lavanture '09

Featuring Jessica Harrop '08
With Original Music by Michael McMillan '09


March 7-8, 2008
March 12-14, 2008
All performances at
8:00 p.m.

Berlind Theatre
McCarter Theatre Center
91 University Place
Princeton, New Jersey

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