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The Winter's Tale

In Order of Apearance:

Old Leontes
Paul B. Muldoon '69
Leontes, King of Sicilia
Adam A. Zivkovic '10
Hermione, Queen of Sicilia
Sara-Ashley Bischoff '09*
Mamillius, Young Prince of Sicilia
Asher Muldoon
Polixenes, King of Bohemia
Kut Akdogan '10
Paulina, Wife to Antigonus
Becca R. Foresman '10
Antigonus, Sicilian Lord
William H. Ellerbe '08*
Camillo, Advisor to Leontes
Samuel D. Zetumer '09*
Emilia, Attendant to Hermione
Mary Cait Walthall '08*
Shepherd, Bohemian Sheep Farmer
Heather A. May '10
Shepherd's Son
Irfan N. Khernai '11
Florizel, Young Prince of Bohemia
Paul M. Bangiola Jr. '11
Perdita, Lost Daughter of Leontes
Jessica Harrop '08*

*Denotes a Junior or Senior Certificate Student in Theater & Dance.
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