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“4 the Love of Film” Spring Lecture Series
Film scholar Michael Zryd lectures on “Political Allegories in The Hunger Games and The Conformist”

Princeton University’s Lewis Center for the Arts, Council of the Humanities, and Film Studies Committee is presenting a spring film lecture series. Film scholar Michael Zryd will present the third in a series of four lectures with a talk on “Political Allegories in The Hunger Games and The Conformist” on Thursday, April 3 at 4:30 p.m. in the James M. Stewart ’32 Theater at 185 Nassau Street. The lecture is free and open to the public. 

zryd headshotMichael Zryd is an Associate Professor in Cinema and Media Studies at York University in Toronto. His areas of research are experimental and documentary film and other forms of alternative media in North America. Zryd’s articles have been published in the journals October, Cinema Journal, The Moving Image, Literary Research/Recherche littéraire, and Public, and in the anthologies Inventing Film Studies, Useful Cinema, Wiley-Blackwell History of American Cinema, North of Everything: English Canadian Cinema Since 1980, and Reading the Vampire Slayer. He has served with the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, International Experimental Media Congress, and Film-Makers’ Cooperative and worked as a consultant for the Art Gallery of Ontario and Rhombus Media. In addition, he has curated Hollis Frampton retrospectives at Anthology Film Archives in New York, London, and Karlsruhe. 

Zyrd’s lecture will focus on how both The Conformist (1970) and The Hunger Games franchise (2008-2010; 2012-14) present allegories that mobilize the aesthetics and politics of decadence in relation to fascism, inflecting themes of illusion and gender. The Hunger Games novels and films present a contradictory critique of contemporary fascism bound up in the problematic emotional aesthetics of American populism.


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Photo caption:  York University’s Associate Professor in Cinema and Media Studies Michael Zryd who will lecture on April 3 at Princeton about political allegories in recent films
Photo credit: Photo courtesy Michael Zryd

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Event Information

Thursday, April 3, 2014

4:30 p.m.

James M. Stewart ’32 Theater

Lewis Center for the Arts at 185 Nassau Street

Free and open to the public

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