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The Lewis Center for the Arts invites exciting proposals from all areas of the University for arts-related projects that might come to fruition in the Academic Year 2012-2013 and beyond. Princeton has plenty of events already. We’re looking for projects outside the ordinary run of things -- particularly engaging collaborations with the potential to involve a broad range of students, as well as faculty and staff, in something that might not otherwise happen. We are especially interested in interdisciplinary projects leading to the creation of new work.

Proposals should include a brief narrative of the nature of the project, a description of how students would be involved, the amount of the request ($5000-$50,000), a rough breakdown of the estimated budget, and an indication of how the project would enliven the cultural life of the University and the wider community.

Please submit proposals to Michael Cadden, Acting Chair of the Lewis Center, by February 14, 2012. An announcement of the successful proposals will be made by March 12.

Since it was established in 2007, the Lewis Center for the Arts has supported partnerships with, among others, the Center for African American Studies, the School of Architecture, the Department of Art and Archaeology, the Carl Fields Center, Communiversity, the Council of the Humanities, the School of Engineering, the Princeton Environmental Institute, Forbes College, the Program in Hellenic Studies, L’Avant-Scene (Department of French and Italian), the Department of Music, the Department of Physics, the Princeton University Art Museum, and McCarter Theatre Center.

Among the successful proposals of the past:

  • Co-sponsorship of the Princeton University Art Museum’s “Memory and the Work of Art
  • Support for a Collaboration between the Program in Theater and the Princeton University Orchestra on a Fall 2012 Staging of Richard Strauss’s The Bourgeois Gentilhomme
  • Support for McCarter Theatre’s “In Conversation” Symposium Series
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