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Reggie Wilson / Fist & Heel Performance Group
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Reggie Wilson/Fist & Heel Performance Group is a Brooklyn based dance company which blends contemporary dance with African traditions. The company makes brilliant new performance from the spiritual traditions of the African Diaspora. Wilson draws on the movement idioms of Blues, Slave and Worship cultures to create what he calls "Post-African Neo Hoodoo Modern dance". Accompanied by their own driving rhythms--body percussion, aspirated breath, singing and shouts--Fist & Heel blends deep ritual into potent, beautiful and energizing contemporary dance.

Fist & Heel will perform "The Tale: Npinpee Nckutchie and the Tale of the Golden Dek," which explores intimacy and devotion, libido and love in a seamless collage of music and dance. Eight performers explore the complicated rituals of coupling, the ancient sensual dances of lovers. Stepping, stomping, shouting and strutting --- embodying the elegant invitations and rejections of the sexes, Wilson and company draw on traditions that range from the earliest fist and heel styles developed during the slaving era to the step dances that gave rise to urban dance sensations like the Big Apple, Lindy Hop, Electric Slide and Chicago-Style Stepping.

Event Information


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Performance at 8:00 PM


Berlind Theatre
McCarter Theatre Center
91 University Place
Princeton, New Jersey


Advanced Tickets:
Please call University Ticketing at 609.258.9220





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