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The Hodder Fellowship

Princeton University invites applications for the Hodder Fellowships:

The Hodder Fellowship will be given to writers and non-literary artists of exceptional promise to pursue independent projects at Princeton University during the 2015-2016 academic year. Potential Hodder Fellows are writers, composers, choreographers, visual artists, performance artists, or other kinds of artists or humanists who have "much more than ordinary intellectual and literary gifts"; they are selected more "for promise than for performance." Given the strength of the applicant pool, most successful Fellows have published a first book or have similar achievements in their own fields; the Hodder is designed to provide Fellows with the "studious leisure" to undertake significant new work.

Next deadline: The 2015-16 academic year fellowship application process is now open. The deadline for applications is September 15, 2014. The job posting is listed on Princeton University's Human Resources website under job requisition number 1400347. Please note that if you have already submitted an application for the Hodder Fellowship, updates and changes can no longer be made to your application. 

Questions? Email

The appointment of the Hodder Fellows will be made in January 2015. An announcement of the award will be posted here.



The Lewis Center for the Arts Names Hodder Fellows for 2014-15
Choreographer Nora Chipaumire, playwright/screenwriter Gabriel Jason Dean, poet Roger Reeves, and visual artist Miko Veldkamp are selected


The Lewis Center for the Arts Names Hodder Fellows for 2013-14
Filmmaker Chinonye Chukwu, poet Katy E. Didden, writer Adam Ross, and choreographer Pam Tanowitz selected

Past Hodder Fellows

2012 James Arthur Poet
  Yasmine El Rashidi   Writer
  Melinda Moustakis  Fiction Writer
  A. Rey Pamatmat Playwright
2011 Anthony Carelli Poet
  Danai Gurira   Playwright
2010 Cynthia Cruz Poet
  ZZ Packer Fiction Writer
  EM Lewis   Playwright
2009 Michael Dickman Poet
  Zachary Lazar Fiction Writer
  Jordan Harrison   Playwright
2008 Christian Barter Poet
  Tarell Alvin McCraney Playwright
  Whitney Terrell   Fiction Writer
2007 Monique Truong Fiction Writer
  Kathleen Graber Poet
  J. Michael Friedman   Composer and Lyricist
2006 Gabe Hudson Fiction Writer
  Dan O'Brien Playwright and Poet
  David Orr   Critic/Poetry Reviewer
2005 Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Fiction Writer
  Stephanie Elizondo Griest Writer
  Will Eno   Playwright
2004 Daisy Fried Poet
  Adam Kirsch   Poet
2003 Anthony Doerr Fiction Writer
  Sarah Manguso   Poet
2002 Andrea Ashworth Prose Writer
2002 Marlys West   Poet
2001 Craig Arnold Poet
  Veronica Chambers   Fiction Writer
2000 Karen Hartman Playwright
  Greg Hrbeck   Fiction Writer
1999 Mary Jo Bang Poet
  Lan Samantha Chang   Fiction Writer
1998 Sharona Ben-Tov Poet
  Naomi Iizuka   Playwright
1997 W. David Hancock   Playwright
1996 Susan Power   Novelist
1995 Khaled Mattawa   Poet
1994 Mark Levine   Poet
1993 Doug Wright   Playwright
1992 Cristina Garcia   Journalist/Novelist
1991 Red Hawk   Poet
1990 Joanna Szczesna   Journalist
1989 Andrew Hudgins   Poet
1988 Jane Shore   Poet
1987 Mona Simpson   Novelist
1986 Tama Janowitz   Novelist
1985 Stephen Wright   Novelist
1984 Ewa Kuryluk   Artist
1983 Darryl Pinckney   Novelist
1982 Angeline Goreau   Biographer/Novelist
1981 Judish Hemschemeyer   Poet/Translator
1980 Howard Norman   Novelist/Translator
1979 Phyllis Janowitz   Poet
1978 Richard McKane   Poet/Translator
1977 Christine Gordon Owen   Short Story Writer
1975 Peter Conrad   Literary Critic
1974 Eugene Eoyang   Sinologist
1973 William Mullen   Classicist
1972 Alessandra Comini   Art Historian
1970-71 James Magnuson   Playwright
1971 George McCulley   Historian
1970 Jay Wright   Poet/Playwright
1969 Paul Oppenheimer Poet/Writer
1969 John Eaton   Musician/Composer
1968 William S. Pechter   Film Critic
1967 Robert Erwin   Political Scientist
1965 Kenneth Frampton   Architect
1963 Richard Schmitt   Philosopher
1962 Hans Staub   Literary Critic
1961 James H. Billington   Russian Historian
1960 Frederick Olafson   Philosopher
1959 Walter Clemons Jr.   Writer
1958 John Arthur Hanson   Classicist
1957 Joseph Kerman   Musicologist
1955 Peter J. Gay   Political Scientist
1954 Richard T. Burgi   Slavicist
1952 Richard W.B. Lewis   Writer
1950 John Berryman   Poet
1948 Joseph C. Sloane, Jr.   Art Historian
1946 William Aydelotte   Historian
1944 Richard P. Blackmur   Critic
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