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2010 Alex Adam '07 Award Winners

Gabriel Crouse ’12, Sarah Fingerhood ’11 and Adrian Gallegos ’11 have been selected by the Lewis Center for the Arts faculty to be the 2010 recipients of the Alex Adam '07 Award. The award, established in memory of Alexander Jay Adam '07 and made possible by a generous gift from his family, provides support to undergraduates who want to spend a summer pursuing a project that will result in the creation of an original work of art.

Gabriel Crouse, a Philosophy major pursuing a certificate in theater, will use the funding for a theater project to take place in the Royal Bafokeng Region of rural South Africa. His project will involve the production of a theatrical piece in Lebone II – College of the Royal Bafokeng that will combine the ancient theatrical traditions of Africa and Athenian Greece into an adaptation of ancient Greek tragedy with a quintessentially South African vocabulary. Crouse said, “I am interested in this project because I believe it will provide fertile soil from which to investigate an avenue of theatrical expression which seems, as yet relatively unexplored…” He went on to say that the project would challenge him to create a bridge between the two ancient worlds and create a new theatrical piece that appeals to a modern and young audience.

Sarah Fingerhood, an Anthropology major pursuing a certificate in dance, will use the funding to further her dance training by attending the Impulstanz festival in Vienna and the Project Bandaloop summer workshop in Oakland, CA. The Impulstanz festival and the Project Bandaloop offer flying workshops, which is something Fingerhood plans to incorporate in her senior dance thesis which will investigate the conception of dance as a performative rather than social act in Western society. Fingerhood said, “ I am interested in learning many of the different techniques associated with different choreographers as well as developing my own. How do individuals’ life experiences, their histories, manifest in movement? What can one understand about a person through their movement?” She will use the remaining funding to take dance classes at the University of Bordeaux, where she will spend six weeks this summer studying Modern Human Origins.

Adrian Gallegos, a Spanish major pursuing a certificate in visual arts with a concentration in film, will use the funding to travel to Honduras for 10 weeks to join Operation Wallacea in their marine site centered around Utila and Cayos, two islands where conservation efforts and research are helping to minimize the effects of immerging and much needed industry on the islands and the coast. Gallegos will further his experimentation with mirrors and reflections as well as underwater and night photography as he captures the lives and methods of researchers working on the environment and its ecology. The product of this trip will be a photographic series that will become the basis for his senior thesis in Visual Arts. Gallegos said he also sees this as an opportunity to produce a new series of work on the experimentation and the less public aspect of research: the hardships and hurdles that researches have to undertake in order to obtain a  new piece of data.

Princeton University Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors are eligible for the Alex Adam awards, which this year will provide $7,000 in summer funding for each of three students.  The award can be used to support a variety of activities, such as interning at theater or dance festivals; directing, designing, or acting in a show; composing poems or short stories; making short films; or mastering a photographic technique, as long as the activity culminates in the creation or production of an original work.

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