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2011 Alex Adam '07 Award Winners

Lisa Einstein '13, Ruthie Nachmany '12 (in collaboration with Aunna Wilson '12) and Samantha Ritter ’13 have been selected by the Lewis Center for the Arts faculty to be the 2011 recipients of the Alex Adam '07 Award. The award, established in memory of Alexander Jay Adam '07 and made possible by a generous gift from his family, provides support to undergraduates who want to spend a summer pursuing a project that will result in the creation of an original work of art.

Princeton University Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors are eligible for the Alex Adam awards, which this year will provide $7,000 in summer funding for each of three students.  The award can be used to support a variety of activities, such as interning at theater or dance festivals; directing, designing, or acting in a show; composing poems or short stories; making short films; or mastering a photographic technique, as long as the activity culminates in the creation or production of an original work.

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