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Chloe Hall ’11 receives 2010 Mary Quaintance ’84
Fund for the Creative Arts Award

The Lewis Center for the Arts faculty has selected Chloe Hall ’11 as the recipient of the Mary Quaintance '84 Fund for the Creative Arts Award.

The $3000 award, endowed in memory of Mary Quaintance, Class of 1984, provides support for one student from either the Program in Creative Writing or the Program in Visual Arts to foster talents similar to those Mary Quaintance developed in writing, film studies and literature. Chloe Hall, a Religion major pursuing a certificate in Creative Writing, will use the funding to conduct research for a fiction project based on Strong City, a messianic cult also know as the Lord Our Righteousness Church, located in rural Union County in northwest New Mexico. A native of Albuquerque, Hall said since coming to Princeton her home state has been a major “character” in her fiction. She plans to write a series of interconnected short stories exploring what it means to be in a community like Strong City from a variety of perspectives. Hall said the award would give her a unique opportunity to delve into the innerworkings of Strong City through the craft of fiction. “In turn, this would allow me to explore a fictional subject ---New Mexico--- while also focusing on religion, a subject matter that is more foreign to my fiction. I hope to access the ‘holy ordinary’ in Strong City, and use this as a jumping off point into my own project.”

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