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Ellen Adams ’10 receives 2009 Mary Quaintance ’84
Fund for the Creative Arts Award

The Lewis Center for the Arts faculty has selected Ellen Adams ‘10 as the recipient of the Mary Quaintance ’84 Fund for the Creative Arts Award.

The $3000 award, endowed in memory of Mary Quaintance, Class of 1984, provides support for one student from either the Program in Creative Writing or the Program in Visual Arts to foster talents similar to those Mary Quaintance developed in writing, film studies and literature.  Ellen Adams, a Comparative Literature major pursuing certificates in Creative Writing and Urban Studies, will use the funding to produce a collection of stories entitled Spanaird?, a compilation of characters who put into question what it means to be a Spanish citizen. She is especially interested in marginalized characters living on the fringes. Adams spent a year in Granada acquiring fluency and studying the view of Spanish mainstream society. Her goal is to represent Spain’s margins and minorities through literary means, turning social issues into stories and people.

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