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Project Design

The design for the Arts and Transit Project is intended to establish new and enhanced academic, cultural and retail spaces for both the University and local communities as well as to improve the infrastructure in the area and to provide access to additional transportation services.

University planning for the Arts and Transit Project design was guided by the following principles:

  • Creating a neighborhood of additional academic, performance and retail spaces to serve creative and performing arts program.
  • Creating an attractive space for students and local residents patronizing the new facilities (including new restaurant and cafe space), as well as patrons of McCarter and Berlind theaters and riders of the Dinky.
  • Providing increased opportunities for both the community and campus to participate in, and to benefit from, new cultural and retail resources.
  • Reconfiguring the Alexander Street and University Place intersection and improving infrastructure in the area: traffic circulation, parking and landscaping.
  • Preserving the Dinky service and providing additional services for riders.
  • Preserving sufficient flexibility to accommodate community jitney service and future mass transit technology.
  • Improving the Alexander Street and University Place corridor as a "gateway" to the community and the campus.
2014 Arts site plan-medium

The image above shows the proposed three-sided complex that would be the initial academic buildings in the Arts and Transit Project.