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Bus Service

I heard that there will be a temporary bus operating between Princeton and Princeton Junction during construction, even when the Dinky is operating. Is that true?

Yes, when the Dinky terminus is relocated to the temporary platform south of the new station, the University will operate a temporary "express bus" as a supplement to the rail service between Princeton Station and Princeton Junction Station until the new station opens. The TigerPaWW bus will have a stop at the former station location on University Place to pick up and drop off passengers, and will have a stop at the Princeton Junction Station near the Dinky terminus.

Tickets are not required to use the TigerPaWW bus. The TigerPaWW bus is free and open to the public. The bus will operate during normal Dinky operating hours. This means that during the time when the Dinky is operating from its temporary location, Dinky riders will have a choice between riding the Dinky to or from the temporary location (which will be in the new parking lot), or riding an express bus to or from the former station area on University Place. They also will have the option of riding the bus in one direction and the train in the other direction. The TigerPaWW schedule is posted online.

How do I get to Princeton Junction when the train is not operating?

If the Dinky train is not operating, NJ TRANSIT will operate a replacement bus between Princeton Junction and Princeton Station. NJ TRANSIT patrons can sign up to receive service updates.

Where will TigerTransit stop?

TigerTransit stops at University Place near the former station and at the temporary platform location on Alexander Street. TigerTransit buses meet all incoming Dinky trains during peak commuter hours. The TigerTransit website will have up-to-date information on its stops and schedules.