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Existing Station Buildings

What is going to happen to the existing station buildings once the terminus of the train moves?

Fenwick Hospitality group operates Dinky Bar and Kitchen in the north station and Cargot Brasserie in the south station.

Who is going to operate the restaurant and café?

Fenwick Hospitality Group operates the restaurant and café.

When will the restaurant and café open?

Dinky Bar and Kitchen opened July 2016 and Cargot Brasserie opened July 2017.

Where will I park if I want to go Dinky Bar and Kitchen or Cargot Brasserie?

Parking for Dinky Bar and Kitchen and Cargot Brasserie is available at meters along University Place and Alexander Street, at meters in the commuter parking lot and in the West Garage (Lot 7) on weekends and evenings.

What hours will the café and restaurant be open?

Hours of operation can be found on Dinky Bar and Kitchen's and Cargot Brasserie's websites.