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Project Schedule

What is the construction schedule?

Construction on the Arts and Transit Project began in early 2013 and was completed in fall 2017. A more detailed construction schedule is available on the Project Schedule page of this website.

When will the train stop running to the current location?

The Dinky stopped running to the University Place station in August 2013. At that time, the terminus of the train was relocated to a temporary platform south of the new station location. The temporary platform was used until the new station opened in November 2014.

When will the new station open?

The new station opened in November 2014.

When will the restaurant and café open?

Fenwick Hospitality Group opened Dinky Bar and Kitchen in July 2016 and Cargot Brasserie in July 2017.

When will the new arts buildings open?

The Steven Holl-designed buildings for the Lewis Center for the Arts and Department of Music will opened in fall 2017.

When will the construction end?

Construction of the project was completed in fall 2017.