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Project Schedule

What is the construction schedule?

Construction on the Arts and Transit Project will began in early 2013 and is scheduled to be completed in fall 2017. A more detailed construction schedule is available on the Project Schedule page of this website.

When will the train stop running to the current location?

The Dinky stopped running to the University Place station in August 2013. At that time, the terminus of the train was relocated to a temporary platform south of the new station location. The temporary platform will be used until the new station opens in fall 2014.

When will the new station open?

We anticipate that the new station will open in fall 2014.

When will the restaurant and café open?

The opening date will be determined by the restaurant operator who is selected to operate the restaurant and café. Renovation and expansion of the existing station buildings is scheduled to begin by the summer of 2014.

When will the new arts buildings open?

The Steven Holl-designed buildings for the Lewis Center for the Arts and Department of Music will open in fall 2017. The Lewis Center was formed in 2007 and its programs are currently based at 185 Nassau St. and New South.

When will the construction end?

Construction of the project should be completed in fall 2017.

How much notice will community members have before there are changes to the roads, train service or parking?

We anticipate having ample time to notify the public about changes to the road network, train station location, parking locations and sidewalks. Maps of the construction site will be posted in advance of relocations of public facilities on the Maps page of this website. In addition, we encourage you to sign up to receive email notifications about construction updates for the Arts and Transit Project.

We will work hard to minimize any disruptions, and will do our best to notify the public when problems occur by using signage and email notifications.

How will updates to the schedule be communicated?

Updates on the project schedule will be communicated to the public on this website and via email updates to subscribers. Anyone may sign up for email updates.

I heard that there is litigation pending regarding approvals to do this project. Should the University wait until that litigation is resolved before starting construction?

No. Following a lengthy and thorough review process, the University has received the necessary approvals to proceed with the project. Persistent opponents of the project have filed multiple lawsuits regarding different aspects of the project, but there is no reason to believe that these filings will interfere with or delay the project. The University’s view is that the sooner this project can be completed, the sooner the community can benefit from the improvements, opportunities and amenities it will provide.