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FAQ: Arts

What types of arts venues are proposed?

The Arts and Transit Project will consist of multiple venues of differing sizes and configurations. In the initial creative and performing arts buildings designed by Steven Holl, there will be dance performance and acting studios, music rehearsal rooms, music performance spaces, gallery space and a black box theater. Long-term planning includes an experimental media studio as well as new academic spaces and a performance hall. In addition to the indoor venues, there are plans for an outdoor amphitheatre adjacent to the experimental media studio and outdoor plazas that would be suitable for performances and exhibitions.

Will they be open to the public or only serve students?

The goal of the project is to create an arts neighborhood that serves as a porous connection between "town and gown." While much of the space that is planned will be used intensely for teaching and student rehearsals, there will be many performances and exhibitions during the academic year to which the public is invited. Community members are currently invited to attend the unique art exhibits and performances on the campus that are sponsored by the Lewis Center for the Arts and the Department of Music, and this new neighborhood will only expand that opportunity further for interested citizens to participate in the creative life of the campus. It is anticipated that there will be an opportunity for community use of the facilities as well, especially during the summer months. 

What is happening to 185 Nassau St.?

The plan to expand access to the arts on the Princeton University campus is meant to be an "edge-to-edge" initiative. This means that while much of the activity related to theater, dance and music will be focused in the Arts and Transit Project area, arts-related academic, practice and performance activity will continue to take place at all corners of the campus. Specifically, 185 Nassau St. will continue to be home to the Program in Visual Arts at the University.

How large are the new buildings?

While the list of spaces and venues is diverse, the structures that are part of the Arts and Transit Project are relatively modest. The initial creative and performing arts complex that would be built during the first phase would total approximately 139,000 gross square feet.