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FAQ: Parking

Will there be an increase or decrease in parking spots?

Plans for the neighborhood provide that the current number and type of public parking spaces that exist in the Alexander Street/University Place area be replicated on a one-for-one basis in the design.

Where will the new parking be located?

Parking for Dinky commuters will shift to a new lot that would be constructed near the new station building. A "kiss and ride" area and short-term parking for Wawa patrons would be constructed adjacent to the station. In addition, the construction of an entrance to the West Garage at the north end of the garage will permit easier access to the garage on evenings and weekends when the general public is invited to park in the garage free of charge.

Will there be a "kiss and ride" area?

Yes. There will be a short-term "kiss and ride" parking area adjacent to the relocated Dinky train station in an area that will accommodate parking for both Wawa patrons and people coming to pick up visitors and commuters arriving at the station. By moving this short-term parking area off University Place, the congestion that is often caused by this parking will be alleviated so that traffic backups will occur less frequently.

Where will people park for McCarter Theatre?

The presence of McCarter Theatre was an important component of the planning of the Arts and Transit Project, and providing parking for patrons of McCarter was a specific focus of the planning team.

Currently, McCarter patrons are permitted to park free of charge on evenings and weekends in the University’s West Garage (Lot 7). However, this garage is not easily utilized by patrons as the entrance is limited to access from Faculty Road and because it separated from McCarter by the Dinky train tracks. By relocating the terminus of the Dinky train 460 feet to the south, a northern entrance to the garage will be able to be constructed to permit easier access to the garage by car from Alexander Street, and will provide a shorter and less confusing walk through the public plaza and arts venues to the theater for patrons who choose to park there.

The relocated Dinky commuter lot also will be available for parking for those attending the theater. In addition, there will continue to be on-street metered parking along University Place and Alexander Street.

The planning team also heard concerns about the limit of accessible parking for the theater, and worked on solutions that would provide additional handicapped parking and drop-off areas for performances.