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McGraw Strategic Learning Consultations

Peer consultants from a variety of disciplines are trained to collaborate with you to develop an individualized approach to learning.  Drawing on your unique strengths, this approach is tailored to the specific demands of each of your courses.  Individual consultations focus on designing a strategic approach to learning that enables you to make the most of lectures, precepts, and readings.  Meet with a consultant early and regularly in order to manage the academic demands of the entire semester.  In addition to focusing on specific courses, consultants offer strategies for efficient reading, advanced problem-solving, note-taking (and use), exam preparation, and time management.

The McGraw Center is a central academic resource on campus, offering tutoring, review sessions, workshops, and individual consultations to support undergraduates as they make critical academic transitions and develop as learners and scholars.



"It had been very difficult for me to find someone to actually help me in the way I think about this process, and today was the first time that something really clicked for me.  So thank you again." - Katy '10