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Individual Peer Tutoring

If you are encountering challenges in a course that you believe can best be addressed through individual work with a tutor, contact your dean or director of studies. Free one-on-one peer tutoring is available most commonly for introductory courses in the natural sciences, math, economics, and foreign languages. Peer tutors also facilitate course-specific group tutoring at the McGraw Study Halls for introductory quantitative courses; see the Course-Specific Support page for more information.

Individual tutoring may be especially helpful if you feel like you need help with specific parts of a course, or if your previous experience did not include preparation in an essential topic that you need for a class. You and your tutor will arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.  Individual tutoring is most effective if you begin early.

[Please note that students may work only with tutors in the Princeton undergraduate tutoring program and with Fellows in the Writing Center. Students are in violation of University regulations if they engage the services of private tutors (see Rights, Rules, Responsibilities).]