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Archive – February 2012
Jeremiah P. Ostriker is being honored for his seminal contributions to the theory of the interstellar and intergalactic medium, his cosmological simulations that help illuminate the formation and evolution of structure in the universe, his theoretical contribution to the existence of Dark Matter halos around galaxies, and his dedication to the scientific and academic communities through service as Provost, Sloan Digital Sky Survey builder, and mentor of generations of young astronomers. The me
Congratulations to our alumni for their recent prizes and successes in the job market.  Hiranya Peiris has been awarded the Royal Astronomical Society's Fowler prize for young astronomers.  Eric Ford has been awarded the American Astronomical Society's Warner prize for his work on extrasolar planets. Stuart Wyithe has been awarded the 2011 Australian Prime Minister's Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year.   On the job front: Mario Riquelme will