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Archive – June 2013

  White House to Highlight Open Science “Champions of Change”   WASHINGTON, DC – On Thursday, June 20th, the White House will honor 13 leaders and organizations promoting and using open scientific data and publications to accelerate progress and improve our world. As entrepreneurs, academics, and researchers, these Champions of Change have made an impact across disciplines – from archeology to biomedical research, and from the humanities to astronomy. At the
  Previous Princetonians to win this award include Henry Norris Russell, Martin Schwarzschild, Lyman Spitzer, Jeremiah Ostriker, Jim Peebles, and Bohdan Paczynski.
Congratulations to Jill for her award from the Pace Center  "in recognition of sustained commitment toward civic engagement and passion and drive to inspire others to join with them".  The award recognizes Jill's outstanding effort in leading the prison program.   In 2006, in collaboration with Mercer County Community College and the New Jersey Department of Corrections, a few members of the Department of Astrophysical Sciences taught a single, for-credit, com