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New Postdocs coming to Princeton

We are delighted to announce the group of postdocs who will be coming to the Astrophysics Department in Fall 2011.  They are: 

  • Jim Bosch: cosmological and computational aspects of weak lensing
  • Damiano Caprioli: nonlinear shock acceleration theory
  • Josh Dolence: magnetohydrodynamics of black hole accretion
  • Renee Hlozek: supernova and CMB cosmology and ACT
  • Markus Janson: extrasolar planets and SEEDS
  • Mansi Kasliwal: Surveys for transients (she'll be starting aCarnegie-Princeton Fellowship in Pasadena)
  • Matthew Kunz: star formation, plasma instabilities, cooling flows
  • Jeremiah Murphy: Core collapse, supernovae, radiation/hydro simulations
  • Jose Prieto: Stellar populations, supernova progenitors
  • Neelima Sehgal: CMB, ACT, and clusters
  • Lucianne Walkowicz: Stellar flares, Kepler, and LSST
  • Zhaohuan Zhu: Accretion disks, protoplanetary disk simulations