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Astrophysics new graduate student class

We are delighted to welcome our incoming graduate student
class, who will arrive in September 2011:

Konstantin Bochkarev, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Alex Howe, Ohio Wesleyan University
Jose Garmilla, University of Illinois
Burcin Icdem, Middle East Technical University, Ankara
Wenhua (Wendy) Ju, Beijing University
Sudhir Raskutti, University of Melbourne
Ai-Lei Sun, National Taiwan University
Christopher White, Caltech

And we will bid farewell this summer to:

Khee Gan Lee, who will take up a postdoctoral
fellowship at the Max-Planck Institute, Heidelberg.
KG's thesis is on using the Lyman-alpha forest to
study the intergalactic medium, and he is working with
David Spergel.

Reinabelle Reyes, who has accepted a postdoctoral
fellowship at the University of Chicago.  Reina is
carrying out her thesis work with Jim Gunn and Rachel
Mandelbaum on weak lensing and large-scale structure.

Lorenzo Sironi, who will be an Einstein fellow at the
Institute for Theory and Computation, Harvard
University. Lorenzo's work, which he is carrying
out with Anatoly Spitkovsky, is on particle acceleration
in relativistic astrophysical flows.