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Ruobing Dong wins Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad

Ruobing Dong has been awarded a Chinese Government Student Fellowship
for 2012. This fellowship is open to Chinese citizens under the
age of 40 who are currently enrolled in PhD programs at overseas
universities. This year's fellowships have been awarded to 495
students in 29 countries and eleven fields, including science,
law, economics, medicine and business.  Among these 495 students,
nine, including Mr. Dong, have received the Special Award for

Mr. Dong is doing his thesis work with Professor Roman Rafikov on
theoretical models and observations of planet-forming disks around
young stars. The formation of giant (Jupiter-like) planets
creates dynamically-driven structures in the disks which can be
observed by high-contrast imaging such as that carried out at
the Subaru telescope by the SEEDS project (Princeton Astrophysics
is a member) and which elucidate the processes of planet formation.