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Princeton astronomers receive grant to build international collaboration


Princeton University's Council for International Teaching and Research has awarded the Princeton

astrophysics department a grant to build a collaboration with colleagues in Japan, Brazil, Taiwan and France to 

design and build the next generation of wide-field imaging and spectroscopic surveys, using the Subaru

8.2 meter telescope in Hawaii.  The project, SUMIRE (for 'SUbaru Measurement of Images and REdshifts') 

will use both a 1.7 square degree wide-field imaging camera (Hyper-SuprimeCam, which will see first light later this year) and a 2400-object Prime Focus Spectrograph with coverage from 0.38 to 1.3 microns.  The funds will 

support student, postdoc, and faculty travel between the institutions involved in this project.  Two undergraduate

students, Joel Zinn and Lehman Garrison, will travel to Tokyo this summer supported in part by this grant to 

carry out research at the Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe.