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Tim Brandt and Blake Sherwin awarded Proctor honorific graduate fellowships



Graduate students Tim Brandt (Astrophysics) and Blake Sherwin (Physics)

have been awarded Charlotte Elizabeth Proctor graduate fellowships

by the Graduate School, Princeton University. These fellowships are 

awarded university-wide to support students in their final year of

dissertation research who have displayed the highest scholarly excellence.


Tim's thesis work with Professor Ed Turner is based on analysis of the 

results of the ongoing SEEDS project, a direct-imaging search for planets

around nearby stars using adaptive-optics technology on the National

Observatory of Japan's S8.2 m Subaru telescope.  Tim's work is aimed at

characterizing the types, frequency and occurrence of planetary systems.


Blake is doing his thesis work under the supervision of Professor David 

Spergel on fundamental cosmology and the cosmic microwave background.

His work focuses on the analysis of gravitational lensing in the CMB using

 the AtacamaCosmology Telescope, though he has also worked on the 

Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect andon Baryon Acoustic Oscillations."