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Events & Conferences

Conferences & Workshops:




10:30 AM: Astro Coffee. Peyton Hall, Grand Central

3:30 PM: Graduate Tea Time. Peyton Hall, Graduate Lounge



11 AM: Galread. Peyton Hall, Grand Central

12:30 PM: Extrasolar planet discussion. Peyton Hall, Room 140

12:30 PM: Cosmology discussion. Peyton Hall, Dome Room 201



10:45 AM: IAS/Princeton joint colloquium. IAS, Bloomberg Hall Lecture Theater

12:10 PM: Bahcall Lunch. IAS, Dilworth Room



11 AM: SFIR. Peyton Hall, Dome Room 201

4PM: Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Colloquium. PPPL, Melvin B. Gottlieb Auditorium



9 AM: HSC group discussion. 

11 AM: Informal IAS astrophysics seminar.

12:30 PM: Thunch. Peyton Hall, Room 33

4:30 PM: Physics Department Colloquium. Jadwin Hall, Room A10



11 AM: Supernova group discussion. Peyton Hall, Room 140

12 PM: Physics gravity group seminar. Jadwin Hall, Joseph Henry Room 102

12:30 PM: Astroplasmas Seminar. Peyton Hall, Dome Room 201

5 PM: Sherry. Peyton Hall, Grand Central


Astrophysics Seminars in the Princeton Area:

Monthly Observing Open House

Upcoming conferences and meetings of interest