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All talks will take place at Peyton Hall Auditorium.

Breaks will be in the main area next to the Auditorium.

No food or drinks allowed in the Auditorium.

4:00pm  Department Gathering at Peyton Hall, Grand Central.
6:30pm  Shuttle Pickup form Peyton Hall to  Hopewell Valley Vineyards.
7:00pm  Dinner at Hopewell Valley Vineyards.   Please see registration to Join.
8:30    Coffee & Breakfast
9:00     David Spergel: Welcoming Remarks
9:10     Steven Balbus (Oxford)
10:00   Eric Blackman (Rochester)
10:50  Coffee
11:20   Eve Ostriker (Princeton)
12:10   Lunch (on your own)
1:50     Steven Cowley (Culham, UK)
2:40     William Kruer (LLNL)
3:30     Coffee & Cake
4:00     Greg Hammett (PPPL) 
4:50     John Goree (Iowa)
5:40     Finish
8:30    Coffee & Breakfast
9:00     Carl Heiles (UC Berkeley)
9:50     Mark Wardle (Macquarie Univ., Australia)
10:40   Coffee 
11:10   Jeremiah P Ostriker (Princeton)
12:00   Lunch
1:30    Ellen Zweibel (Wisconsin)
2:20    Russell Kulsrud (Princeton)
3:10    Coffee & Cake
3:40     Harold Weitzner (NYU)
4:30     Michael Zarnstorff (PPPL)



Steven Balbus (Oxford)

Eric Blackman (Rochester)

Steven Cowley (Culham, UK)

John Goree (Iowa)

Greg Hammett (PPPL)

Carl Heiles (UC Berkeley)

Russell Kulsrud (Princeton)

William Kruer (LLNL)

Eve Ostriker (Princeton)

Jeremiah P Ostriker (Princeton)

Mark Wardle (Macquarie Univ., Australia)

Michael Zarnstorff (PPPL)

Harold Weitzner (NYU)

Ellen Zweibel (Wisconsin)