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The Multi-Wavelength, Multi-Epoch Heritage of Stripe 82

March 17-19, 2014

In recent years, many fields of astronomy have benefited greatly from the concentration of observing time in a few select fields on the sky, in which broad wavelength coverage, deep photometry, and spectroscopic surveys are combined to enable qualitatively new kinds of scientific investigation.  One of the most successful of these is the SDSS equatoral stripe, or Stripe 82, which has benefited from many epochs of photometry and an extensive spectroscopic campaign from all three SDSS surveys over 200 square degrees, as well as numerous observations with telescopes in other wavebands.  This workshop will explore the science enabled by the many surveys of this piece of the sky, the technical challenges involved in making the most of such high-dimensional data, and lessons learned that may be applicable to future deep, multi-band surveys.  A particular focus will be placed on providing a working environment for initiating collaboration across different projects and sharing technical expertise.

  • Participants who are interested in contributing a poster should contact Jim Bosch and Michael Strauss directly via email. We may have a limited number of speaking slots available as well.
  • The meeting will take place at Peyton Hall, Auditorium 145
  • Breakfast and break food will be served in the main hallway.
  • On Tuesday Night there will be Dinner provided at Peyton Hall in Grand Central.
Stripe 82

Local Organizers

Keren Fedida (Logistics)

Phone: (609) 258-6890


Michael Strauss


Phone: (609) 258- 3808


Jim Bosch

Phone: (609)258-6301