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Speakers & Participants


Confirmed Speakers:

Yusra AlSayyad
LSST Coadds
Tamas Budavari 
Combining Images
Kevin Bundy
Building massive galaxies: Hierarchical assembly in Stripe 82
Francesca Civano NuSTAR
Alison Coil PRIMUS Galaxy and AGN Science
Caryl Gronwall HETDEX Observations of Stripe 82
Eric Huff    Cosmic Shear
Zeljko Ivezic Stars in SDSS Stripe 82
Matt Jarvis Expanded JVLA Surveys
Linhua Jiang
Depth-optimized Co-adds and z~6 Quasars
Stephanie LaMassa Stripe 82X: A New X-ray Survey in Stripe 82
Alexie Leauthaud CFHT/CS82
Chelsea MacLeod
Modeling Quasar Variability
Martin Makler  VICS82
Toby Marriage ACT on S82: From Inflation to Galaxy Formation
Nicola Mehrtens SHELA: The Spitzer-HETDEX Exploratory Large Area Survey
Knut Olsen Magellanic Cloud Structure and the SMASH Survey
Gordon Richards A User's Guide to Stripe 82
Nic Ross Mid-Infrared Quasars and SpIES:The Spitzer-IRAC Equatorial Survey
Eli Rykoff
Cluster Finding / DES
Masao Sako  SDSS-II Supernova Survey
Melanie Simet
Cluster Lensing and Tomography
Marco Viero A brief overview of the HeLMS/HerS Herschel surveys in Stripe 82




This list is not final and will be updated once all speakers are confirmed.


The list will be published when registration closes.

Local Organizers

Keren Fedida (Logistics)

Phone: (609) 258-6890


Michael Strauss


Phone: (609) 258- 3808


Jim Bosch

Phone: (609)258-6301