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Hotel Booking at the Nassau Inn

  • You may book a room on your own by either of the following two methods: by calling the Reservation Department at 1-800-862-7728 and using the booking ID "18806" or through the website prior to the cut off date was extended to February 21. Individual guests will need to click on "BOOK NOW" and then the "GROUPS" tab, when asked for their "ATTENDEE CODE", they must enter their Res ID. 18806. Once they select their dates, all the group information will be displayed.
  • Please note that you can only book a room online until Feb, 21, 2014. After that you will be able to call the hotel directly and make the reservation over the phone depending on availability.
  • A block of 25 rooms is on hold at the Nassau Inn, once they sell out, Keren Fedida can help you find rooms at nearby hotels on Rt 1 at a reasonable rate. You may also book it yourself and ask for a Princeton University rate. No special information is required.
  •  Nassau Inn is within walking distance of the meeting location.
  •  Other hotels (Route 1) are not within walking distance, but shuttles do exist.

Local Organizers

Keren Fedida (Logistics)

Phone: (609) 258-6890


Michael Strauss


Phone: (609) 258- 3808


Jim Bosch

Phone: (609)258-6301