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Researchers Involved in Plasma Astrophysics at Princeton

Adam Burrows: MHD, supernovae, high-performance computing.

Ron Davidson is interested in high energy density plasma physics.

Jeremy Goodman: MHD, reconnection, high energy plasma astrophysics

Greg Hammett (PPPL, Program in Plasma Physics): theoretical and computational studies of kinetic effects such as Landau damping and microinstabilities on turbulence in hot plasmas, such as occur in black hole accretion disks, clusters of galaxies, and laboratory fusion plasmas.   He has worked on improved algorithms for 3-D fluid and 5-D gyrokinetic turbulence simulations.

Nat Fisch is interested in a variety of theoretical problems in high energy density physics, high-intensity laser-plasma interactions, and inertial confinement fusion, which often relate to conditions of astrophysical interest as well.

Stephen Jardin: MHD, reconnection, high performance computing, numerical algorithms.

Hantao Ji is co-principal investigator for the Magnetic Reconnection Experiment and the MagnetoRotational Instability Experiment.

Russell Kulsrud: plasma astrophysics theory, MHD, reconnection, cosmic rays.

Stewart Prager (director, PPPL, and former director of the Center for Magnetic Self Organization in Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas)

Anatoly Spitkovsky works on theoretical high-energy astrophysics, mainly using high-performance computing to understand the physics of relativistic outflows, pulsar magnetospheres and collisionless shocks. He is also interested in the phenomena that happen on accreting neutron stars, during X-ray bursts.

Jim Stone is interested in a variety of plasma processes in astrophysics, including MHD turbulence and transport in accretion disks, and the dynamics of radiation-dominated plasmas around compact objects such as black holes. His work requires the development and application of numerical methods for radiation MHD on modern parallel computers.

Masaaki Yamada, head of the Magnetic Reconnection Experiment, and co-principal investigator of the Center for Magnetic Self Organization in Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas.



The Center for Magnetic Self Organization in Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas, an NSF- Physics Frontier Center