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Custom Application Development

Academic Technology Services develops a variety of custom web applications for academic and administrative use.

Web Application Services addresses the need for professionally developed web applications that have departmental rather than University scope. These are typically smaller-scale applications that can be developed in days or weeks. Examples of the types of web applications we have developed in the past and can adapt for your department include:

  • Departmental web sites employing data-driven content
  • Web forms that gather data and store it in a database
  • Web sites allowing multiple concurrent access to data
  • Web-based registration or application systems

Web Development Services develops custom academic websites that make scholarship available to researchers and the public. Examples include:

  • Empirical Studies of Conflict, which identifies, compiles, and analyzes micro-level conflict data and information on insurgency, civil war, and other sources of politically motivated violence worldwide
  • Institutions for Successful Societies, which provides insights, research and tools for building effective governments where resources are scarce