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Web Design and Development

Departmental websites

Our Web Development Services group provides comprehensive website design, development and technical support for the University's academic and administrative departments and programs, laboratories, research groups and special initiatives. Websites are built within the University's supported content management systems including Drupal and WordPress for public-facing sites, and SharePoint for collaborative workspaces and internal-facing administrative sites. Contact WDS to help you determine the best solutions for your website needs.

Personal websites for scholars

OpenScholar is a website building and content management tool available to faculty, researchers and graduate students for hosting professional profile sites. OpenScholar sites can contain biographies, CVs, course lists, publications, blog entries, and event listings. An owner of a site does not need to know code or web development tools to edit and use the site. A user only needs to a web browser to edit the site.

OpenScholar was developed at Harvard University as a platform for personal academic sites and academic project sites. It was built on the open-source content management tool, Drupal. Even though it's built on Drupal, not all Drupal features are present inside OpenScholar. 

There is no charge to create an OpenScholar site at Princeton University. There are no space quotas, but the platform is not intended to store large file types.

To request a site, please send email (that includes your full name and Princeton email address) to If you would like more information about this service, please email or visit our OpenScholar FAQ.

Course websites

ATS provides consultation and support for the creation of websites for Princeton coursework. Sites can be limited to members of a course, or can be publicly available, depending on your needs. Please email your request and we'll be happy to discuss the best solutions.

Research group, laboratory and special project websites

There are several options for scholars wishing to produce public-facing websites describing the work of their groups or particular programs and projects. Please email us your request and we will help you determine the most appropriate solution for creating and managing a website to support your needs.