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Course Copy Tools

This section deals with functions found in the Control Panel area labeled Course Copy.

Course Copy
Export/Archive Course
Import Course Cartridge

Course Copy

How can I move the content from my old Blackboard site into my new site?

Course Copy can be used to copy selected Course materials into an existing Course without having to recreate the content. This option adds content to a Course, without deleting existing content.
Note: A user can only copy materials into a Course where the user has a role of Instructor, Instructional Staff, or Course Builder. 
  1. Starting in the course site from which you are copying, select Course Copy Tools on the Control Panel and then click Course Copy again from the dropdown menu.
  2.  Enter a Bb Course ID for the destination Course (e.g., ENG101_F2012) or click Browse to open a Search function in a separate window.
  3. Select copy options. DO NOT select "Settings" you you will end up with duplicate menu items. (The table below lists the options that are available, followed by some explanations.)
  4. Submit.

Note: A Course Copy operation cannot be completed if the user does not select at least one of the following areas: Content Areas, Staff Information or Settings. If none of these options is selected a warning will appear.

Course Material
Behavior when copied
All Staff Information is copied to the new Course.
Content Areas
Copies Course materials, including uploaded files, Learning Modules, links. Users may also select to include Course Information, Course documents, Assignments, and External Links.
Adaptive Release rules for content
Copies all Adaptive Release rules for Course content.
All Announcements are copied to the new Course. This option must be selected or the links in Announcements to Assessments will be broken.
Copies all posts and replies.
All Calendar events are copied to the new Course.
Collaboration Sessions
Copies Collaboration Sessions.
Discussion Board
Discussion Board Forums, including the initial posts in each Forum, are copied to the new Course.
Early Warning System Rules
Copies all Early Warning System rules.
Copies the Glossary.
Grade Center Items and Settings
Items in the Grade Center, and their settings, such as type, categories, and display options, are copied to the new Course.
Group Settings
Settings include the names of the Groups, the settings for tool availability, and the Discussion Board Forum names.
Copies all entries and replies.
Some Course Settings will be copied. See Course Settings for more information. It is recommended you not select the Navigation Settings option, to avoid duplicate menu items.
Copies all Contacts entered in the Course.
Copies all Tasks entered in the Course.
Tests, Surveys, and Pools
All Assessments and Surveys, including questions and options for deploying them are copied. All Pools are copied to the new Course.

Notes: E-Reserves cannot be copied from one Blackboard course to another. Please contact the Reserves Department ( to make course reserve requests.

Resolving Course Items 
When copying content and tools from one Course to an existing Course, the Course Menu must resolve itself in the destination Course. The table below describes the how Course Menu items are resolved.
If . . .
then . . .
a Course area in the source Course does not exist in the destination Course
the area will be added to the Course Menu in the destination Course.
the Course area in the source Course and the Course area in the destination Course have the same name and are of the same type (for example, External Links, Staff Information, or content)
the content from the source Course will be added, but will not replace, the content in the area within the destination Course.
the Course area in the source Course and the Course area in the destination Course have the same name but are of different types
the Course area from the source Course will be added to the destination Course under a different name. The new name will append an incremental numeral to the name (for example, Course Materials will become Course Materials1.
Links to parts of a Course that are not included in the copy will break when the links appear in the destination Course. For example, if there is a link to a Test in a Course area and Assessments are not copied, the link to the test will break.
Course Cartridge content
Copy Protected Cartridge content is only copied if the Course Cartridge Materials option is selected.  This option only appears if there is Copy Protected Cartridge content in the Course. The destination Course maintains the availability settings for the source Course.
If the destination Course already has a Cartridge ID (meaning it already includes Copy Protected cartridge content), neither the cartridge content nor the Cartridge ID may be copied from the source Course to the destination Course. If the Course Cartridge Materials option is selected, the copy operation will be successful, but a note in the receipt states that the Course Cartridge Materials will not be copied.
If the source Course and the destination Course have the same Cartridge ID, the content may be copied successfully.

Can my course builder do all this for me?

Yes, Instructors, Instructional Staff, and Course Builders can use this feature, as long as they are enrolled win both the old and new course with one of these three roles.

Can I copy files from another instructor's course?

 Yes, but you must be listed as an Instructor, Instructional Staff, or Course Builder in both the "To" and "From" courses.

Can I copy content to multiple courses at one time?

No, you can only copy to one course at a time.


Import Course Cartridge

What is a course cartridge?

Course Cartridges are pre-made materials produced by professional authors, editors, and publishers that can be downloaded and added to a Course.

To find a list of available Course Cartridges, visit the Blackboard Partnerships Page and select Course Cartridge from the first dropdown menu under Filter By.  Once downloaded, the Cartridge Content can be customized as needed to correlate with agendas and goals.

Course Cartridges require a download key to unlock the Content and add it to a Course. Download Keys are obtained from the publisher of the cartridge. Browse the Blackboard Partnerships Page for textbooks that include Course Cartridges. A Cartridge ID is not a Download Key, however the publisher may need this number to locate the cartridge.

Cartridges may be designated as Copy Protected or Open Access. Content in Copy Protected Cartridges is not included in a Course Copy or Export. Only one Copy Protected cartridge may exist in a Course. Multiple Open Access cartridges may be added to a Course, including a Course that already contains a Copy Protected cartridge.

Open Access cartridge content added to a Course may be included in Course Copy, Export and Import.


How do I add a cartridge to my course?

Send the package to

indicating which course you wish to import it into.


User Manual

Blackboard Help Line (609) 258-0737