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Why use a Course Management System?

Blackboard, WebSpace, Almagest, and Web Appointment Scheduling System, used independently or in conjunction, can save you valuable classroom time and improve the learning experience for your students.

Reduce Class Time Spent on Adminstrivia

The Blackboard class roster provides the most current listing of your registered students.

Site Member Photos
View your students' photographs. The web page permits you to sort by groups (precepts, classes, labs, etc.).

Permit students to indicate section (precepts, classes, labs, etc.) preferences online, and sort them into groups that contain their e-mail lists, discussion boards, file share, and chat. Course materials and assessments can be made selectively available to these groups.

Keep in contact with your students either through the e-mail function within Blackboard or use your preferred e-mail client to send to the listserv that Blackboard populates.

Add Users by Role
This tool gives you the power to enroll unofficial course staff in your course site.

Grade Center
Calculate, store, and make students' grades available online in a secure, private environment.

Web Appointment Scheduling System
This online system for scheduling office hours permits instructors, among other options, to create schedules. Students can also use the system to make and cancel appointments.

Enhance the Learning Process

Post your syllabus online as a living document that you can modify as the semester progresses.

Course Materials
Post your lectures, readings, and study matter online, and have your Ereserves, films, and audio files put in your site for you.

WebSpace File Management
This system makes collaboration with your colleagues and others outside the Princeton community much simpler, and does not require a special ID or Blackboard access for outside parties. While WebSpace can be used completely independently of Blackboard, it can also be used to facilitate sharing files with members of courses sites. WebSpace can replace your H drive, as well, with more feature-rich Web-interfaced content management.

This powerful course management system makes it easy for you to add images and other digital media to your courses and to organize them into lectures that can be present in the classroom and studied online.

Create online tests that students can use to practice and prepare for the real thing, or can even be the real thing. 17 question types are available. You can also use the anonymous survey tool to gather opinions and evaluate your teaching.

Language Packs
Set your course site to display in one of the available languages, including Arabic, Chinese (simplified and traditional) Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Voice Tools
Test your students verbal language skills, either asynchronously through voice discussion boards, or synchronously though live voice chat.

Blogs and Wikis
If you have need for wikis or blogs, there are powerful and feature-rich web publishing systems, MediaWiki and Movable Type, which you can integrate into your Blackboard site. There is a link in the Course (or Organization) Tools area of the control panel, labeled Blog or Wiki that makes it easy to add a link to your course menu to the blog and wiki servers. For more information on our blog service, click this text, or send email to For more information on our wiki service, click this text, or send email to

Virtual Classroom
You and your students can show slides, Web pages, or draw on a white board during online office hours.

Discussion Board
Extend - or spark - classroom discussion through an option-rich, gradable, discussion board.