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Media Central

Media Central, OIT’s web-based media management system, provides a central repository for storing, managing, and delivering video and audio content. It stores all your media in one location, allowing you to manage content quickly and efficiently. Media Central also allows you to customize metadata to organize, tag, and search files, and convert media into various file formats for use on multiple platforms including websites, iPad's, YouTube, Facebook and Blackboard.

Media Central is powered by Kaltura, an open source media management platform.

How do I get started using Media Central?
To publish your audio and video you must first create an account by contacting - once an account is created you can begin uploading your media.

How do I access Media Central?
Click here to launch Media Central in a new window.
I have a Media Central account, now what?
After setting up an account you can begin to upload and share your media. For help uploading audio and video to Media Central please vist this link.

Can I upload large video files?
Video files above 2GB should be uploaded using the bulk upload option.

How to do I embed uploaded media into my Roxen website?
To generate embed code for a video uploaded to Media Central, watch this video tutorial.  For help embedding uploaded media into Roxen contact


Sample Upload Screen


                                                      Sample Share Screen