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Production Tips

Production Forms

Below are links to Adobe PDF forms that can help in the planning and execution of video productions.  

Edit Decision List

Project Budget

Project Checklist

Project Site Survey

Project Storyboard

Location Shoot

If the room lighting is insufficient, post-production costs may be increased. The Broadcast Center is not responsible for the failure of equipment that is not managed by our Department.


Dress for a Video Interview

Here are some tips for clothing in video:

  1. No thin stripes
  2. Avoid very bright, hot colors like hot pink, fuschia, bright orange, and true red, all of which cause a ghosting effect when the person moves
  3. No bright white, which may blow out exposure
  4. No identifiable corporate logos, which we would have to blur out

Also, extreme contrast between bright and dark is challenging for video to expose properly. Everything else is fine, as far as fabric goes. For the microphone, it’s much easier to attach it if the person has a collar on his/her shirt or blazer.

More information: Director's Chair - What to Wear?

Post FREE advertisements and announcements on PU-TV7

The University has a channel (27) on the Comcast Princeton area cable network. Public lectures, President's lectures and major live events like Commencement and Opening Exercises are aired on this channel. In between the programming, advertisements are aired that highlight events on campus. This slot provides a great opportunity to promote an event for the campus and Princeton community. This is a FREE service.  The department is responsible for creating the advertisements.

Images can be submitted in JPEG format.  The pixel dimensions of the final image must be 1920x1080. The resolution should be 72 dpi and color mode set to RGB.  The average duration of each individual advertisement will be ten seconds, so plan your content to be readable in that time.

Download Template file (PSD file)

Download Blank Photoshop file with guides (PSD file)

The weekly deadline for images is Friday at 2:00p.m. for inclusion in the following week's programming.

Email the JPEG advertisements to Please call the BC (8-7872) if you have any questions.