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Rooms with VideoNet Connections

Live broadcasts, webcasts, and simulcasts are possible for events held in University rooms equipped with VideoNet ethernet connections.  Please refer to this list of rooms to see if your event is in a room with a known VideoNet connection.  Please contact OIT Hardware Support to have a VideoNet connection installed in your event's location.  There is a charge for this request.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for a new VideoNet connection to be turned on in a new location, and for proper testing to occur.

Alexander Hall, Auditorium  
Alexander Hall, Production Office  
Bobst Hall, 105
Carnegie Center, 701, 130  
Carnegie Center, 701, 131B  
Carnegie Center, 701, 134  
Carnegie Center, 701, 135  
Carnegie Center, 701, 137  
Chapel, Dirt Floor Area  
Computer Center, VideoHeadend G17  
Computer Science Building, 105  
Friend Center for Engineering, 101 A  
Friend Center for Engineering, 113  
Frist Campus Center, A03  
Frist Campus Center, B03  
Jadwin Gymnasium, Central Basketball Court  
Jadwin Hall, 407  
Jadwin Hall, 476  
Lewis Library, 120  
Lewis Library, A13     
Lewis Library, A14a  
McCarter Theatre, Equipment  
McCormick Hall, Art & Archaeology 101 AV Booth  
McCormick Hall, Art & Archaeology 106  
McCosh Hall, 010 Mezzanine  
McCosh Hall, 050  
McDonnell Hall, A002 Nassau hall Basement  
New South Building, B Office  
Robertson Hall, 001A  
Robertson Hall, 014A  
Robertson Hall, 100  
Schultz Laboratory, 107A AV  
Thomas Laboratory, 003