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Bendheim Center Celebrates 10 Years

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On September 24, 2010, the Bendheim Center for Finance celebrated a decade of leadership in finance education and research with a day-long conference featuring leading faculty of the program. The conference, attended by faculty, alumni, corporate affiliates and students of the program kicked off with introductions by Dean of the Faculty David P. Dobkin, Yacine Aït-Sahalia, BCF director, and Lynn Bendheim Thoman, co-president of the Lowenstein Foundation and daughter of the Center's generous benefactor, Robert Bendheim, who died in 2009.

The first panel, "Bubbles, Behaviors and the Origins of the Crisis," featured faculty members Yacine Aït-Sahalia, Harrison Hong, Daniel Kahneman, José Scheinkman, and Ronnie Sircar in a lively discussion on the financial crisis and the impact of overconfidence, poor risk management and greed on the industry and the economy as a whole.

Addressing possible solutions to the repercussions of the crisis, Alan Blinder, Markus Brunnermeier, Governor Jon Corzine, Paul Krugman, and Hyun Shin outlined options for "A New Architecture for the Financial System."

In the final session, "Should Finance Research and Teaching Change in Light of the Financial Crisis?," René Carmona, Jianqing Fan, Burton Malkiel, Christopher Sims, and Wei Xiong debated possible outcomes from an academic viewpoint.

The conference was followed by a standing room only public lecture by the founder of the program, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke. The full text of his talk is available at the Federal Reserve website.

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